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Simulations Skills Lab

We’re proud of our high user feedback ratings and constantly strive to exceed expectations.

User Testimonials

In addition to rating our facilities and staff, we encourage users to provide personal feedback on using our center.

I have participated in dozens of course over the years at a wide variety of simulation centers, and this course was extremely well-organized and effective. This was evident by the multitude of positive comments I received from both experienced and new faculty, as well as the learners. Again, I thank you for all the work you did in preparation for this course in getting the programs loaded and flexibility in working with our faculty. I look forward to our continued partnership to advance this educational mission of safe clinical practices in the future.

2016 summer course director

I loved how all of the rooms were in a line and there was no confusion as to where to go next. Most of the other facilities have the rooms in different corridors or are in a horseshoe configuration. This is so much nicer for me to not have to play traffic cop all day. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this team of staff. Dan and Tom are total rock stars at their jobs. They made our faculty so comfortable with their knowledge of how everything worked and what each of the simulators were capable of. We walked out of that pre-meeting with 100 percent confidence, and it was completely delivered on once our attendees were in the room. In closing, this is my favorite Sim Center that we have used to date.

Kristi Casale, Meeting Services Director, American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

Great session. Really helpful to do a dry run on the lumbar puncture. Residents were helpful and nice, and the instructional videos were good, too.

Medical Student, Lumbar Puncture Skills Lab

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