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Department of Radiation Oncology

Medical Physics Residency Program

The Department of Radiation Oncology offers a Medical Physics Residency Program. The objective of this 3-year clinically-orientated program is to educate and train future medical physicists to engage in high quality medical physics clinical research and services in radiation oncology. Through the Feinberg-affiliated Northwestern Memorial Hospital, the department is currently staffed with seven medical physicists and is treating 120 to 150 patients per day. Residents will gain experience with extensive external beam treatment and imaging modalities, such as 3D Conformal, TBI, IMRT, IGRT, OBI, XVI, CBCT, Gamma Knife, IntraOp and Hyperthermia besides various Low Dose Rate and High Dose Rate Brachytherapy.

The first two years of the program are designed in accordance with the essential guidelines from the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) and was accredited in December 2012 by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Physics Educational Program (CAMPEP). The Program provides extensive and practical clinical training to the candidates with a graduate degree from a CAMPEP-accredited medical physics program.

The first two years of the program are divided into eight rigid quarterly clinical rotations on the following subjects:

The third year of the program focuses on clinical services with emphasis on treatment planning and various Physics QA and clinical research, depending on the current needs of the department.

Admission Policy

Starting January 2014, the Program only admits a candidate that meets the following conditions:

A: Holds an MS or a PhD degree from a CAMPEP-accredited graduate program or
B: Completes a CAMPEP-accredited certification program after a PhD in Physics or related Sciences or Engineering with an equivalency of Physics minor.

A candidate must also complete the following 6 Required Courses:

1. Radiological Physics & Dosimetry
2. Radiation Protection & Radiation Safety
3. Fundamental of Imaging in Medicine
4. Radiobiology
5. Anatomy & Physiology
6. Radiation Therapy Physics

Program Statistics

Northwestern Medicine has tracked certain success criteria related to the Medical Physics Residency Program. Find program statistics.

Contact Us

For more detailed information regarding our Medical Physics Residency Program, please contact:

Plato C. Lee, PhD
Director, Medical Physics Residency Program
Department of Radiation Oncology
Northwestern Memorial Hospital
251 E. Huron Street, Galter Pavilion, LC-178
Chicago, Illinois 60611