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Physical Therapy & Human Movement Sciences

Margaret Danilovich, PT, DPT, PhD, GCS

Research Description

Dr. Danilovich's lab investigates physical activity and exercise interventions for older adults with frailty. In work funded by the Retirement Research Foundation, she is currently studying the effectiveness of a resistance exercise program in reducing frailty among older adults receiving Medicaid Home and Community Based waiver services. In this work, she has trained 126 home care aides employed through Help at Home to lead an exercise program with their clients during usual care services. A PCORI-funded Eugene Washington Award partners with Help at Home to develop and pilot test a health interview tool for home care aides to elicit care preferences among their clients. Dr. Danilovich is also funded by the Foundation for Physical Therapy Academy for Geriatric Physical Therapy to develop and test a self-management program for older adults with frailty. This project partners with the University of Chicago Successful Aging and Frailty Evaluation clinic.

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 Current Projects

Foundation for Physical Therapy: Successful Aging for Frailty Education                                                   
Retirement Research Foundation: Implementing Resistance Exercise for Frail Medicaid Home and Community-based Services Clients and Home Care Aides
PCORI: Home Care Aide Participation, Education, and Engagement in Research

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