Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Physical Therapy & Human Movement Sciences

Course of Study

Year 1

Three laboratory rotations starting in the winter quarter and required engineering graduate course work. The rotations and coursework will be selected with the help of an appointed preceptor and graduate committee.

Year 2

Dual mentors will be chosen by the student (one mentor with an engineering background; one mentor with a clinical and biology background) with the assistance of the preceptor in the beginning of the fall. Students will continue their coursework and start their PhD research. Students in the BME program are expected to take the qualifier exam for PhD candidacy at the end of the second year.

Years 3 – 6

DPT coursework with ongoing doctoral level research; research that leads to completion of masters degree level project and strong proposal for doctoral level project.

Years 6 – 7

Doctoral level research completed and clinical involvement to acquire advanced clinical problem solving skills; special courses in motor control physiology, engineering in the research lab (programming and measurements), rehabilitation engineering, special topics and tutorials.