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Financial Aid

Northwestern University's primary objective in providing financial assistance is to ensure that students with financial need will not be denied enrollment due to a lack of financial resources. Financial aid is offered to students needing assistance beyond that which they and their families can provide. Financial status has no bearing on the admissions process. The Department of Physical Therapy and Human Movement Sciences is committed to making the cost of education manageable for students of all income levels. Many physical therapy students receive financial aid from a variety of sources including government-funded loan programs, federally subsidized loans administered through the University and other loan programs. In addition to loans, there are several scholarships available to qualified enrolling students who meet specific criteria. In addition, a number of private organizations offer grants, scholarships, and loans.

The Office of Financial Aid on Northwestern University’s Chicago campus serves the educational financing needs of all students enrolled in the Department of Physical Therapy and Human Movement Sciences. Please visit the Office of Financial Aid website to learn more.

New students begin the financial aid application process after receiving an admission offer and committing to enroll at Northwestern.

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