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DPT Student Reflects on Clinical Experience in Belize

Nayo Hill, SPT, PhD Candidate and DPT Class of 2017 member reflects on her clinical experience in Belize:

Working at Hillside Health Care International provided a unique opportunity to hone clinical skills and develop cultural competence in a resource limited setting. Without all of the bells and whistles in my typical PT toolbox, I was challenged to think outside of the box and maximize the use of whatever materials were around me to provide the best PT care I could. Home health visits and traveling to mobile clinics in remote villages afforded additional opportunities to get to know the community and understand physical context in which many of our patients live. I would highly recommend an international clinical placement for anyone interested in being challenged to provide PT care in a different context. It was a wonderful and worthwhile learning and serving experience.
Disabilities Awareness Day Fair in Punta Gorda - Educating the community on being differently abled


Station Focus: Navigating life in Punta Gorda without being able to see


Station Focus: Navigating life in Punta Gorda using assistive devices


Station Focus: Navigating life in Punta Gorda with a knee or arm brace


Providing mobility to community members in Punta Gorda. We had the opportunity to deliver several donated wheelchairs to our patients to make it easier for them to navigate around the rocky roads of Punta Gorda


Wonderful Rotation 12 Rehabilitation Team
(Left to Right: Daniel SPT, Carley DPT, Heather SPT, Nayo SPT, and Amira Rehab Tech)