Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Physical Therapy & Human Movement Sciences

PTHMS and Healthy Chicago

PTHMS faculty members Bill Healey, PT, EdD, GCS and Gail Huber, PT, PhD have partnered with the Westside Health Authority since 2009 to promote physical activity in the Austin community of Chicago. In 2016, the partnership received a Healthy Chicago 2.0 seed grant to fund a program called, “Come out from Behind the Walls”. Healthy Chicago 2.0 is a comprehensive, citywide plan to improve the health and well-being of Chicago’s residents. This video described the 9-week walking program that used Fitbits and Facebook to help encourage physical activity for sedentary residents and to build community cohesiveness.

Congratulations to Bill, Gail, and the DPT students of PTHMS that have contributed to this successful program!