Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Department of Ophthalmology

International Surgical Elective Rotation in Chandigarh, India

Since 2008 the residency program at Northwestern has partnered with the Grewal Eye Institute in Chandigarh, India to create an international surgical rotation.   The goals of this elective rotation are to:

  1. Introduce the resident to an effective developing world healthcare delivery model that allows ethical, high quality care to be delivered to a socioeconomically challenged sector of the population, and
  2. Provide a robust cataract surgical experience.

During the 3-week rotation, residents typically perform 50 or more phacoemulsification procedures.  While these cases are not counted toward ACGME surgical requirements, this experience is highly valuable in terms of surgical skills enhancement and service to the underprivileged in this area of the world.  All cases are recorded and a surgical DVD is provided to each resident upon completion of the rotation.

Elective RotationElective Rotation
Left image: Northwestern resident operates at the Grewal Eye Institute in India
Right image: Resident Kamran Riaz, MD checks a patient's visual acuity in India