Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Department of Ophthalmology

Past Chairs

Since its inception in 1870, the Department of Ophthalmology has been led by eleven Chairmen.  In 2010, Nicholas J. Volpe, MD, an internationally recognized expert in Neuro-Ophthalmology and a respected leader in graduate medical education, was named Department Chairman.  Recruited to Northwestern from the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Volpe is committed to continuing this department’s pursuit of excellence as exemplified by the provision of top-quality patient care, the maintenance of a superior faculty and trainee staff, and the oversight of successful and innovative research and educational programs.  Dr. Volpe relieved Lee M. Jampol, MD, who served with distinction for 27 years. 

Samuel Jones 1870-1897

Samuel Jones, MD


Henry Gradle 1897 - 1907

Henry Gradle, MD


Casey Wood 1907 – 1908

Casey Wood, MD


 Brown Pusey 1908 - 1926

Brown Pusey, MD


William Moncreiff 1926 - 1929

William Moncreiff, MD


Sanford Gifford 1929 – 1944

Sanford Gifford, MD


 William Mann 1944-1945

William Mann, MD


 Derrick Vail, MD 1945 - 1966

Derrick Vail, MD


David Shoch 1966 - 1983

David Shoch, MD


 Lee M. Jampol 1983 – 2010

Lee M. Jampol, MD


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Lee M. Jampol, MD reminisces about David Shoch, MD – a former Northwestern Ophthalmology Department Chairman and a national ophthalmologic leader.

 Nicholas J. Volpe 2010 - Present

Nicholas J. Volpe, MD