Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at Northwestern University

Integrative Medicine Research Conference

The Osher Center's first annual Research Conference was a big success with over 100 registrants! Key speakers Dr. Judy Moskowitz (Director of Research) and Dr. Melinda Ring (Medical Director) spoke to the overall mission and goals of the center of fostering collaboration and support for integrative medicine at Northwestern. Drs. Inger Burnett-Zeigler and David Victorson shared findings from their research investigating the effects of mindfulness based interventions among underserved populations and cancer survivors. Keynote speaker, David Eisenberg, MD, discussed the latest developments in integrative care for low back pain. 

List of Posters and Presenters:

Elaine Cheung – A Randomized Pilot Trial of a Positive Affect Skills Intervention (LILAC) for Women with Metastatic Breast Cancer

Patty Moreno – Positive Patient Experiences in Cancer Care, Self-Efficacy, and Health-Related Quality of Life in Latino Cancer Survivors

Ashley Dyer - Caregiver Therapy Preferences for Children with Food Allergy

Sara Marie Diaz – Exploring the Role of Complementary and Integrative Health Care Providers in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Obesity

Rebecca Emily Johnson – The HARPER Project

Teresa Horton – Walking Green:  Developing an evidence-base for Nature Prescriptions

Carly Maletich – The Effect of Home Practice on Outcomes During an MBSR Course for Young Adults with Cancer: A Mixed Methods Study; Creating a Culturally Tailored Spanish Language Yoga Program for Latinos with Cancer Using a Community Engaged Research Approach

Elizabeth Addington – Review of Yoga Therapy During Cancer Treatment

Matthew Joseph Mosquera – The Medical Student Stress Scale (MSSS): Item Response Theory-Based Analysis and Psychometric Characteristics

Max Romanoff Kazer – Examining the Effects of a Brief Mindfulness Training Session on Self-Reported and Physiological Measures of Stress in a Simulated Clinical Encounter for Medical Students

Cody Lauren Boland – Perceptions, use, and knowledge of pharmacological and non-pharmacological sleep interventions among ovarian cancer survivors

Amanda Mathew – Psychological Factors among COPD Patients: Relations with Smoking Status and COPD Symptomatology

Eva Shiu – Online Positive Emotion Skills for Symptoms of Depression (MARIGOLD): A feasibility study

Carly Berkowitz – The Role of Primary Care Physicians and Integrative Medicine Physicians in Nutritional Counseling and “Juice Cleanses”

Look out for information about next year's conference coming soon!