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OCIM Mindfulness and Compassion for Professionals

Saturday Oct 7, 2017  8:30 am -1 pm


This workshop focuses on the understanding, development and application of mindfulness and compassion-based skills within the workplace. Business professionals, nurses, psychologists, social workers, counselors and other professionals are at risk for burnout due to demanding schedules, increased caseloads, and challenging work environments. Mindfulness and compassion-based practices have been shown to deepen concentration, enhance effective communication and equip individuals with the capacity to address and recover from stressful situations more rapidly. Participants will gain the necessary skills to integrate mindfulness-based practices within the workplace settings.

* Instructors - Carly Maletich, MA, LCPC and Holly Nelson-Johnson, MSN, APN, FNP-BC 

Mindfulness Meditation Courses

The Osher Center has provided abbreviated six-week courses on mindfulness meditation to providers within the Northwestern Medicine system. To learn more about this training, please contact Nancy Heap.