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Culinary Medicine: Cooking Up Health Goes Virtual!


The Culinary Medicine Course: Cooking Up Health is offered by the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine for FSM medical students. AOSC Students in Integrative Medicine are encouraged to enroll as part of our IM education track.

Culinary Medicine is the utilization of a unique combination of nutrition and culinary knowledge to assist patients in achieving and maintaining optimal health. This course is intended to expand students’ comfort in counseling patients in successful behavior change around nutrition and cooking. The "learning" portion of the course includes a combination of pre-work/videos/didactics and hands-on culinary sessions- all focused on plant-based diets. Through this course, participants will learn basic culinary skills, steps to create nutritious meals, relationships between food, health, and disease, and cultural competencies around nutrition.

NOTE: The Culinary Medicine elective is approved for credit by the FSM Curriculum Committee. Note: If taken by M1 students during summer sessions it does not displace any elective requirements for Phase 2-3 students.

What to expect:

For a fun video overview where you can see your classmates in action check out:

Class time will be faculty-guided and discussion-based. Groups are comprised of up to 16 students led by one to two faculty facilitators. 

Schedule for the 2-week virtual elective:


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