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William A. Grobman, MD/MBA


William Grobman, MD/MBA, has directed multiple large scale research projects at Northwestern with great success, including the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Units Network, the nuMoM2b study, and the March of Dimes Transdisciplinary Center (in which he is Northwestern PI as well as Director of the Educational Program). Of particular note, Dr. Grobman has been involved in multiple studies that have been directed at understanding cardiovascular and metabolic complications both during and after pregnancy – these include his study on abnormal sleep activity and its association with hypertensive disease and glucose intolerance in pregnancy, as well as the ongoing nuMoM2b-HHS, in which women are followed in the first few years after their first pregnancy to determine their initial trajectory of cardiovascular health.

Another line of research Dr. Grobman has undertaken has been in regard to obstetric patient safety and quality care. Dr. Grobman has not only been PI of the MFMU Network-sponsored observational study of over 115,000 women, which has documented patient characteristics, institutional factors, and process measures associated with adverse obstetric outcomes, but also been PI of several studies that have elucidated types of protocols and programs that can be used to reduce obstetric morbidity.

The cesarean delivery rate has increased substantially over the last several decades; this increase has significant implications for maternal and perinatal health and has been a major public health concern. A major focus of Dr. Grobman's work has been understanding the outcomes associated with trial of labor after cesarean (TOLAC); as part of this work, in collaboration with the MFMU Network, Dr. Grobman has developed a prediction model for vaginal delivery among those who attempt at TOLAC. This model has been validated in many countries (e.g., Japan, UK, Netherlands) and is used widely in the US as a tool to help counsel women considering TOLAC. It presently is being incorporated into a decision support tool that is being studied as part of a NICHD-sponsored grant.

Lastly, Dr. Grobman has researched associations between stress and racial/ethnic disparities in obstetric outcomes. Several investigations, in which he served either as the primary investigator or the co-investigator, have demonstrated the relationship between self-assessment of stress-related domains, biomarkers of stress biology, and adverse pregnancy outcomes. These findings will be further explored in a completed longitudinal study of over 700 pregnant women.

William A Grobman, MD/MBA

William A. Grobman, MD/MBA

Arthur Hale Curtis, MD, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Professor in Obstetrics and Gynecology-Maternal Fetal Medicine and Preventive Medicine

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