Why Northwestern?

Our comprehensive support system, including dedicated faculty and staff who guide students through every step of the training program, sets Northwestern apart from other medical scientist training programs. The MSTP leadership team, including our program director, associate directors, and assistant director, work together to ensure the success of every MSTP student. They provide direction through one-on-one meetings throughout the year and advocate for MSTP students across the University.

One-on-One Guidance

Associate Director Melissa Brown, PhD is committed to making sure students reach the appropriate milestones throughout the graduate phase of training. Through regular meetings, she assesses students' progress and provides the resources they need to meet their educational goals. Dr. Brown also provides individualized support for students as they write and apply to grants.

Assistant Director Lindsey Martin, PhD has an open-door advising policy for students throughout training. She tracks and mentors students through the research stage of training through the Director Rounds program and assists with major transitions, helping students use campus resources to meet their needs.

Director Hossein Ardehali, MD, PhD and the deans in the Augusta Webster, MD, Office of Medical Education meet with students in later stages of clinical training to help plan their clinical schedules and give advice on choosing a specialty.

Commitment to Diversity

Our MD-PhD program is enriched by the diversity in our student population. If you are a student from a racial or ethnic minority group, a student from a disadvantaged background or a student with a disability, we encourage you to apply to our program. John E. Franklin, MD, MSc, is the MSTP diversity officer and will confidentially monitor your application in parallel to the MSTP Admissions Committee to assure that you receive full consideration. Please contact him at any point in the application process, especially if you are a disadvantaged or disabled student who wishes not to indicate your status on your AMCAS application.

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Successful Alumni

The extraordinary experiences you will have through Northwestern MSTP can be a gateway to exciting career opportunities. Our graduates have gone on to outstanding residencies.

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Our Location

Clinical Training

Through our program, you will get clinical training in a variety of care settings with diverse patient populations. This rich educational experience is possible due to our many partner hospitals:

Research Training

The research component of training gives students access to some of the most technologically-advanced facilities in the nation, including:

Student Involvement & Wellness

We encourage our students to speak out if they have concerns about their training and to keep an eye on their wellness. The MSTP student works closely with the MSTP office to also address any student concerns and help implement student-driven changes to office programming. We also offer a multitude of resources to help students manage stress, maintain a healthy lifestyle and find balance.

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