Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Medical Scientist Training Program

MSTP Courses

Students of Northwestern University Medical Scientist Training Program have course requirements specific to the Program.

MSTP Topics in Molecular and Translational Medicine

MSTP Topics in Molecular and Translational Medicine was created to promote the development of critical scientific thought and to help students develop the ability to formulate hypothesis-based research proposals. The course also covers the basic sciences with the rigor necessary for biomedical investigation, but not required in medical school training.

Skills Upon Completion

Upon completion of this course, MSTP students will have participated in two years of weekly paper discussion and written and defended two research proposals, preparing them for graduate study. Additionally, students can:

MSTP Grand Rounds

MSTP Grand Rounds, under Course Director Benjamin Singer, MD, integrates clinical medicine with research and provides continuing clinical education for research-phase students. Twelve Grand Rounds are held each year. MSTP students in all years of training are required to attend this two-part conference.

Part One

A student in the clinical-stage of training presents a clinical case as a diagnostic unknown with discussion of the differential diagnosis and workups encouraged throughout the presentation. Materials such as x-rays, CT scans, EKGs, gross and microscopic pathology and video recordings (e.g., of a patient with a movement disorder) are used in the case presentation. All pre-clinical students then collectively provide the differential diagnosis and suggest appropriate tests and exams to be performed. The presenting student then reveals the diagnosis and the diagnostic test and finishes with a short review of the disease pathophysiology as well as current therapy.

Part Two

A research-phase student gives a mini-lecture on recent breakthroughs in an area related to the disease in question.

MSTP Activities

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