Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Medical Scientist Training Program

Get Involved with PRISM

There are many ways to get involved with PRomoting Inner-City Youth in Science and Medicine (PRISM). Find out more via the information below.


PRISM mentors are students in the Northwestern University Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) and are committed to working with high school students to share an enthusiasm for careers in science and medicine! Mentors and students work in small groups that remain consistent for an academic year, enabling the formation of long-term mentoring relationships.

Sessions are held every other week (approximately three hours of time per session), and we expect our mentors to be present for every session. If you are a student in Feinberg’s MSTP and would like to become a mentor, please contact MSTP student leaders.

Community Liaison

PRISM sessions are held at the McCormack Boys & Girls Club, located in the Uptown community of Chicago. The PRISM program hopes to become a part of this community by engaging with local community representatives and leaders

We are seeking high school teachers to advise us as we construct an engaging curriculum to enhance the science and health education that students receive. Standing relationships with local teachers will also enable us to assess the efficacy of our program’s efforts to encourage the various avenues of higher education after students graduate from high school.

We are seeking medical personnel that work in the community local to the McCormick Boys & Girls Club and who have an understanding of medical issues that typically affect members of that community. Ideally, medical personnel would be able to refer us to medical professionals who would be able to attend a session at the Boys & Girls club to speak to the students about their career paths. In the future, we may look into working with medical personnel to establish shadowing or internship opportunities for students in our program.  Contact Jayms Peterson for more information on becoming a community Liaison.

Ad-Hoc PRISM Board Member

A main component of the PRISM curriculum focuses on allowing high school students to interact with professionals from a variety of medical and scientific fields, and who are at different stages of their respective training. We are seeking ad-hoc members of the PRISM board who would serve as resources during curriculum development, or who would serve as guests during career panels during PRISM sessions. Contact Jayms Peterson for more information on being a board member.