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Welcome, MSTP students! Following are links to information about the people and events you will need to know about throughout your training. Should you need additional support, contact us at the Program Office at any stage of your academic or student life.

MSTP Student Handbook

The MSTP Student Handbook was developed as a collaborative effort between students and MSTP leadership. The handbook contains all official policies pertaining to requirements, expectations, and other matters concerning current students.

More Information

For more information on student life, visit the Current Student section of the Feinberg Education site. You'll find student resources, curriculum information, campus service information, FAQs, and more.

The Graduate School of Northwestern University site’s Current Student section also provides information on student life and resources.

Maya Srikanth

Maya Srikanth

"The combination of critical research skills and outstanding clinical training that we receive give us a well-rounded perspective in both realms. We are better able to identify the clinically relevant research questions that need attention in a lab, and we can quickly comb the literature to find studies that aid in the care of our complex patients.  My research training makes me excited to push clinical boundaries, and vice versa."