Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Medical Scientist Training Program

Advisory Staff

As an MSTP student, you will have many decisions to make throughout your training. You will also have access to a number of advisers to assist you in making those decisions. Descriptions of the different advisory roles and how they support the success of our students follow.

MSTP Program Directors

The directors meet frequently with students in the first two years of training on an informal basis in the research phase and frequently (at least quarterly) with students in the final two years. They will meet with any student having difficulty in any year of training.

Learn more about the Program Directors via the Program Leadership page.

MSTP Class Adviser

A class adviser is assigned to each entering MSTP class. The adviser meets with each student on a regular basis during the first two years of training. The major responsibility of the class adviser is to work with the directors to help guide the student in the choice of labs for research rotations.

The class adviser also meets annually with each student in years three through eight to review progress, complete the Annual MSTP Student Progress Report and offer general advice. A Student-Adviser Dinner is held each fall, where the class and adviser can connect, socialize and share news about summer activities. 

MSTP Class Advisers

Jaehyuk Choi, MD, PhD (2016)Dermatology
Elizabeth McNally, MD, PhD (2015)Cardiology
Phyllis Zee, MD, PhD (2014)Neurology
Puneet Opal, MD, PhD (2013)Neurology
Hossein Ardehali, MD, PhD (2012)Cardiology
Dane Chetkovich, MD, PhD (2011)
Richard Longnecker, PhD (2010)
Microbiology – Immunology
Robert Holmgren, PhD (2009)Biochemistry, Molecular Biosciences
Warren Tourtellotte, MD, PhD (2008)
Alan Hauser, MD, PhD (2007)
Microbiology – Immunology
John  Kessler, MD (2006)

Thesis Advisers and the Thesis Committee

Arguably the most important adviser an MSTP student will have is the thesis adviser, with whom students meet frequently during the research phase of training. The thesis adviser has a deep impact on a student’s future, since productivity during the research phase is a major determinant of long-term commitment to and success in research.

Additionally, each student has a Thesis Committee of four or more faculty members who advise the student during the research phase of training and ensure milestones are met. The annual report of the thesis committee is included in the Annual MSTP Student Progress Report.

Current Thesis Advisers

Hossein Ardehali, MD, PhDMedicine - Cardiology
Rajeshwar Awatramani, PhDNeurology
Vadim Backman, PhDBiomedical Engineering
Melissa Brown, PhDMicrobiology-Immunology
Timothy Carroll, PhDBiomedical Engineering
Navdeep Chandel, PhDMedicine - Pulmonary
Dane Chetkovich, MD, PhD Neurology
John Crispino, PhDMedicine - Hematology/Oncology
Cara Gottardi, PhDMedicine - Pulmonary
Kathleen Green, PhDPathology
Anne Harris, PhDPediatrics
Alan Hauser, MD, PhDMicrobiology-Immunology
Xiao-Lin He, PhDMolecular Pharmacology and Biological Chemistry
John Kessler, MDNeurology
Konrad Kording, PhDPhysiology
Todd Kuiken, MD, PhDPhysical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Robert Lamb, PhDMolecular Biosciences
Andrew Larson, PhDRadiology
Richard Longnecker, PhDMicrobiology-Immunology
Thomas Meade, PhDChemistry
Phillip Messersmith, PhDBiomedical Engineering
Chad Mirkin, PhDChemistry
Alfonso Mondragon, PhDMolecular Biosciences
Richard Morimoto, PhDMolecular Biosciences
William A Muller, MD, PhDPathology
Thomas O'Halloran, PhDChemistry
Peter Penzes, PhDPhysiology
Sarah Rice, PhDCell and Molecular Biology
Karl Scheidt, PhDChemistry
Samuel Stupp, PhDMaterials Science and Engineering
D. James Surmeier, PhDPhysiology
Warren Tourtellotte, MD, PhDPathology
Fred Turek, PhDNeurobiology
Teresa Woodruff, PhDObstetrics and Gynecology

Feinberg School of Medicine College Mentors

The College Mentors meet with students on a regular basis during the medical school years of the program and serve as a guide and confidante to students throughout their medical school experience. Additionally, the MSTP Directors provide additional guidance on medical school courses, the residency application process and advise students on selecting and negotiating research residency positions.