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The leadership team of the Northwestern University Medical Scientist Training Program takes an active role in the training and mentoring of every MSTP student to ensure their success. Our faculty and staff are available to provide guidance and support throughout all stages of the program. Learn more below about the leadership team.


Hossein Ardehali, MD, PhD

Tel: 312-503-2342

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Associate Director, Chair of the Admissions Committee

Robert Kalb, MD

Tel: 312-503-5358

My role as Chair of the Admissions Committee is to ensure a fair and comprehensive evaluation of the bright and diverse group of candidates who apply for entrance into our program.

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Associate Director

Melissa Brown, PhD

Tel: 312-503-0108

My emphasis in the program is on mentorship during the graduate phase of MSTP training and grant writing.

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Associate Director

Lindsey Martin, PhD

Tel: 312-503-2900

I am responsible for managing the administrative and academic affairs of the program. I also help students access University and program resources to help them achieve their unique professional goals.

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Program Manager

Joyce Tamanio

Tel: 312-503-2898

I oversee the program finances and registration and support the general administration of the program.

Program Manager

John Durbin, MBA

Tel: 312-503-5232

I manage the MSTP admissions process and assist with program outreach and special events.

Co-Chair, MSTP Student Council

Emily Zaniker

G1 MSTP student in the lab of Francesca Duncan, PhD


Co-Chair, MSTP Student Council

Tobias Holden

G1 MSTP student in the lab of Jaline Gerardin, PhD