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PSEP - Canada Evaluative Research Plan

April 22, 2013

The Patient Safety Education Program (PSEP), housed in the Buehler Center on Aging, Health & Society, is a high-impact, high-dissemination patient safety curriculum, providing comprehensive, end-learner friendly training in sustainable systems change and tailored quality improvement implementation tools, with an emphasis on team training and institutional leadership participation. In 2010, PSEP partnered with the Canadian Patient Safety Institute, a body dedicated to inspiring extraordinary improvement in patient safety and quality, to map the PSEP curriculum for the Canadian healthcare system. To date, nine PSEP - Canada ‘Become a Patient Safety Trainer’ conferences, using this adapted PSEP curriculum, have been held in provinces throughout Canada, graduating 433 participants from over 86 Canadian health care organizations. These participants, in keeping with the PSEP model, are called Trainers, as they are qualified to teach patient safety concepts to end-users at their home institutions.

The PSEP - Canada Evaluative Research Plan is the next phase of this partnership, and will involve a comprehensive, mixed methods evaluation of the PSEP - Canada curriculum, beginning April 2013 and lasting through September 2014. This program evaluation will include the analysis of existing demographic data, course evaluations, and test scores from Trainers who have attended PSEP - Canada training conferences, as well as the development, administration, and analysis of qualitative surveys for both Trainers and an independent quality or patient safety representative from the Trainer’s home health care organization. The project will evaluate the extent to which PSEP - Canada Trainers have been able to implement change in their local patient safety culture, as well as lead quality improvement projects. Further, it will identify learned capabilities acquired through the curriculum that have enabled Trainers to successfully implement patient safety knowledge and strategies at their home organizations. Additionally, it will highlight what Trainers have achieved at their organizations and define conditions under which success can and does occur. Lastly, the project will evaluate the extent to which the PSEP - Canada program learning materials were useful to professional development and practice, appropriate for and applicable to a Canadian audience, while garnering suggestions to further increase their relevance to the Canadian health care system.

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Center:Buehler Center on Aging

Funder: The Canadian Patient Safety Institute

Principal Investigator:
Linda Emanuel, MD, PhD