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Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Honors Program in Medical Education

Awards and Honors

Our students are among the brightest young scholars in the country. They are regularly celebrated for their achievements. 

HPME Awards and Honors

Our program looks to provide additional opportunities for students to pursue their interests. Following are our internal awards and fellowships for HPME students.

 Harry W. Linde Honors Program Research Fellowship

For fifteen years Harry Linde served as the Associate Dean for the Honors Program in Medical Education. He played a key role in the evolution of the program, which has been an institution at Northwestern for over five decades, and was the first combined degree program to be established in the country.

The Linde Research Fellowship provides support for a selected HPME student to perform research at NMH the summer before matriculating to medical school.

  • 2009: Alexander Sheu
  • 2010: Vidit Sharma
  • 2011: James Krupp
  • 2012: Anthony Angueira
  • 2013: Anthony Angueira
  • 2014: Mahati Pidaparti
  • 2015: Sophia Jelsma
  • 2016: Sophia Jelsma
  • 2017: James Guo, Parth Shah
  • 2018: Szu-In Lim
  • 2019: Manasa Pagadala

 HPME Summer Research Program, formerly the Medical Student Summer Research Program

The Honors Program in Medical Education (HPME) Undergraduate Summer Research Program, formerly the MSSRP, is a 10-week summer program intended to encourage HPME students to develop scientific projects in biomedical research.

  • 2013: Anthony Angueira, Tanya Bharadwaj, Jacob Burns, Ryan Lam, Andy Lee, Han-Wei Wu, Arianna Yanes
  • 2014: Sandeep Bharadwaj, Arighno Das, Conor Driscoll, Aakash Gupta, Supriya Immaneni, Monica Mehta, Mahati Pidaparti, Mohan Ravi, Samy Singh
  • 2015: Sandeep Bharadwaj, Brian Cheng, Arighno Das, Sophia Jelsma, Julie Kelman, Tushar Kesavadas, Isaac Lam, Chandrasekar Muthiah, Ksheeraja Ravi, Amulya Yalamanchili
  • 2016: Allison Belette, James Guo, Sophia Jelsma, Ruchi Patel, Patrick Liu, Natasha Kamat, Shilpa Reddy
  • 2017: Patrick Liu, Tazim Merchant, Viswajit Kandula, Brian Cheng, Sahej Samra, James Guo, Parth Shah, Nathan Shlobin
  • 2018: Szu-In Lim, Trisha Kaundinya, Rohan Chalasani, Rohan Savoor, Nathan Shlobin, Manasa Pagadala, Jehannaz Dastoor
  • 2019: Anthony Kang, Raviraj Rege, Kriti Shah, Dean Tan

 Julie Y. Namkung Memorial Research Fund

The Julie Y. Namkung Memorial Research Fund was established by her family. Julie was an exceptional HPME student who was about to begin her medical school career when she suffered an untimely death. In her honor, each summer an Honors Program student is chosen to participate in a funded research opportunity at the medical school prior to their matriculation. It is hoped that this fellowship will afford students the opportunity to participate in meaningful medical research that will shape their professional lives, and at the same time help to preserve the memory of an exceptional young woman whose dreams were not to be.

  • 2009: Austin Culver
  • 2010: Preeya Goyal
  • 2011: Sonia Shah
  • 2012: Charles Qin
  • 2013: Jacob Burns
  • 2014: Aakash Gupta
  • 2015: Brian Cheng
  • 2016: Natasha Kamat
  • 2017: Viswajit Kandula, Patrick Liu
  • 2018: Rohan Savoor
  • 2019: Anthony Kang

 Medical Student Summer Research Program (MSSRP)

Feinberg offers M1 and HPME students the opportunity to conduct research during the 3 month summer break. The MSSRP educates students in the skills required for biomedical and clinical research.

  • 2008: Josh Abecassis, Gathi Abraham, David Lin
  • 2009: Ankur Bakshi, Nikhil Bassi, Vivek Durai, Andrew Gordon, Mark Kavesh, Ron Li, Ronak Vashi
  • 2010: Vivek Durai
  • 2011: Riti Mahadevia, Mark Kavesh
  • 2012: Apas Aggarwal, Anthony Angueira, Nitin Goyal, Ryan Lam, Andy Lee, Charles Qin, Giselle Rodriguez, Kevin Shih

 Patten Award

The Patten Award is presented to the HPME student with the highest GPA at the conclusion of their undergraduate career.

  • 2009: Alexander Sheu
  • 2010: Caitlin MacGregor
  • 2011: Andy Kern
  • 2012: Nitin Goyal, Francis Lovecchio
  • 2013: Apas Aggarwal

 Sherman Travel Award

Dr. Scott and Mrs. Monique Sherman established the Sherman Travel Fund in honor of Dr. Sherman’s parents, Dr. Arthur and Elaine Sherman, who were world travelers. They instilled in their children the importance of learning, understanding, traveling and living as integrated members of multi-cultural societies both domestically and abroad. The practice of medicine is enhanced when physicians have a broad knowledge of diverse and multicultural societies. HPME offers the flexibility in its curriculum to offer students opportunities for travel abroad and supports the belief that international experiences will help develop the physician leaders they will become.

  • 2012: Shruti Zaveri, Roshni Bhatnagar
  • 2013: Andy Wei, Neelima Agrawal
  • 2014: Arianna Yanes, Sandeep Bharadwaj
  • 2015: Paavani Reddy, Elizabeth Larsen
  • 2016: Joo-Young Lee, Brian Cheng
  • 2017: Avni Singh, Ellen Wu
  • 2018: Meera Ganesh, Nila Suresh
  • 2019: Eugene Kim, Mira Yang

 AliSark HPME Scholarship Fund

The AliSark HPME Scholarship Fund has been developed to further the mission of the HPME program to create leaders in the field of medicine and broaden the horizons of future physicians.  Established by HPME Alumni, Drs. Alan and Ada Kumar, the fund is aimed to target students who are interested in health policy or health care management. 

  • 2014: Rachel Onders, Rachel Jensen
  • 2015: Mohan Ravi, Neil Sheth
  • 2016: Abhinav Talwar
  • 2017: Rohan Savoor
  • 2019: Shreya Budhiraja, Alexandra Richards

Other Awards and Honors

The following are other awards and honors received by HPME students.

 Circumnavigators Travel-Study Grant

  • 2014: Elizabeth Larsen

 DAAD Fellowship

  • 2007: Sara Patrawala

 Doris Duke Fellowship Program

  • 2007: Karuna Dewan
  • 2008: Matthew Robinson
  • 2011: Ron Li
  • 2011: Ajay Singhvi

 Fulbright Fellows

  • 2010: Mokaram Rauf
  • 2011: Francis Lovecchio
  • 2012: Chiraag Kulkarni
  • 2015: Monica Mehta
  • 2017: Paavani Reddy

 Gates Cambridge Scholarship

  • 2009: Victor Roy

 Howard Hughes Fellows

  • 2008: Carson Lam
  • 2011: Alex Sheu
  • 2011: Lauren Smith

 Howard Hughes Research Scholars

  • 2009: Hema Ramkumar
  • 2009: David Xu
  • 2010 Josh Abecassis
  • 2011 Adrienne Smith
  • 2016 Chiraag Kulkarni

 National Science Foundation Fellowship

  • 2011 David Weinberg

 Northwestern University International Group Research Fellowship

  • 2011 Gabby Ahlzadeh, Danielle Chun, and Annsa Huang

 Soros Fellowships for New Americans

  • 2012 Victor Roy

 Medical Scientist Training Program

The MSTP Program at Northwestern has been a natural progression for many students in the HPME program who want a career in biomedical investigation as well as the practice of medicine.

  • Donald Cantrell, MD PhD 2011
  • Preeti Arun Sukerkar, MD PhD 2013
  • Prajwal Ciryam, MD PhD 2016
  • Adrienne Smith, MD PhD 2016
  • Lauren Smith, MD PhD 2016
  • Julian Klosowiak, MD PhD 2017
  • Andrew Gordon, MD PhD 2018
  • Prarthana Dalal (M3)