Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Honors Program in Medical Education


With APGARs of 10 out of 10 at birth and a 2nd place finish in the All-England Cutest Baby Contest (see picture at right), my parents knew early on that I was going to do big things in the world . A few years later (literally), I found myself in Evanston, IL as a member of the HPME program. During the orientation session, I think I was in the same boat as everyone else in the room - I knew I was interested in medicine and this program seemed like a direct route to that goal. However, over the next 7 years, I learned that HPME would offer me something even better – a chance to begin to develop and cultivate my own career path within medicine.

Through the program, I was able to connect and integrate my undergraduate and medical school experiences, two periods in training that are usually separated in both time and space. Because the Chicago medical campus was only a short bus ride away, I began to pursue various opportunities at Feinberg as an undergraduate. As a Biological Sciences major, I became exposed to epidemiology and biostatistics, scientific arenas that quickly captured my curiosity. Pursuing this interest was easy - I enrolled in a few introductory classes at the downtown campus alongside medical students and physicians to get a taste of public health coursework. I had a truly positive experience and chose to continue my public health studies as a dual degree MD/MPH candidate at Feinberg. Equipped with practical analytical skills and a population-driven view of medicine, I became involved in a number of research endeavors in medical school. These projects have helped me recognize that academic medicine with a strong research component may indeed be the right career path for me.

I am now excited to move on to the next stage in my medical training at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA for Internal Medicine residency. I am confident that HPME has not only streamlined my educational track, but also helped shape my interests and guide my future career.

Muthu as child