Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Honors Program in Medical Education


The Honors Program in Medical Education has allowed me to take full advantage of all the opportunities that Northwestern University has to offer. Inside the classroom, I’ve been able to take a diverse array of courses across economics, global health, anthropology, Spanish and numerous other disciplines, alongside the standard pre-medical curriculum. This coursework has deepened my passion for research at the intersection of politics, poverty, and disease.

Outside of my coursework, I have been able to collaborate with a wide range of individuals and organizations on research projects across the globe. The summer after my freshman year, with the generous support of the Global Health Initiative, I had the opportunity travel to Guatemala to spend two months working with a nutrition recuperation program at Primeros Pasos, a nonprofit clinic in the western highlands of the country.

When I returned to campus after the summer, I was searching for ways to continue my involvement in global health research, specifically pertaining to nutrition. Ultimately, I was lucky enough to receive the 2014 Circumnavigators Travel Study grant, which allowed me to pursue a project investigating innovative methods of tackling childhood malnutrition around the world. During Summer 2014, I traveled across Guatemala, Peru, Rwanda, Uganda, Nepal, and Cambodia to research the implementation science behind successful grassroots nutrition programs. It was an incredible opportunity, and I am extremely grateful for the support and mentorship that I received from faculty at Northwestern and Feinberg throughout the project. These experiences were made possible in large part because of the academic and career flexibility offered by HPME.

Next year, I have decided to work in Chicago at McKinsey & Company, a management consulting firm, before returning to matriculate at Feinberg. I hope to work on healthcare and social sector projects that will allow me to gain a deeper macro-level understanding of the healthcare landscape in the United States. At Feinberg, I plan to continue to work with underserved populations both domestically and abroad.  I believe that HPME has allowed me the space to discover my passions and wholeheartedly pursue them, and I’m excited to see what the future holds.