Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Honors Program in Medical Education

How to Apply

Prospective applicants apply to HPME during the fall of the applicant’s senior year in high school. In order to apply to HPME, an application request must be submitted. The HPME application is requested through undergraduate admissions. When the request period opens in fall, prospective applicants can request a program application.

Familiarize yourself with our entrance requirements prior to requesting an application. Incorporate as much relevant academic detail as possible in your request.

Request Considerations

  • Students that request the application should enter as much relevant academic information as possible on the request (i.e. entrance exam scores, AP, IB and honors coursework, etc.). Requests with too little information may be denied.
  • Only students that demonstrate superior high school achievement and academic aptitude will receive an application.
  • Requestors who do not receive a program application are encouraged to consider traditional four year baccalaureate programs at Northwestern.
  • Only academic information is taken into consideration on the application request. Extracurricular activities, awards and honors will not be considered at this stage in the application process and should not be included on the application request. 

Application Considerations

  • The HPME application must be submitted in addition to the Common Application for undergraduate admission.
  • Students must apply regular decision as we do not offer early admission to HPME applicants. 
  • Applicants must submit the application materials via the unique online application link that he or she is given when his or her application request was accepted.  Only materials submitted this way will be reviewed. Materials via mail or fax to the HPME office, including letters of recommendation and transcripts, will not be considered.

Important Dates and Deadlines

Students enrolled in HPME are required to meet academic and GPA requirements in order to matriculate at Feinberg. More information regarding these requirements can be found on the FAQ page