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Feedback Resources

Feedback is an integral part of development, especially for learners. The Feinberg Academy of Medical Educators (FAME) serves as a resource to assist faculty and trainees to become more effective educators by offering knowledge and tools to improve the giving and receiving of feedback.  


New Resource

FAME is excited to announce a new module: Using Coaching to Give and Receive Feedback. Developed by Priya Jain, MD, MEd, this module addresses how to utilize best practices and coaching to provide meaningful feedback that promotes a growth mindset. Find the module in the toolbox below, or find it on our Faculty Development Learning Modules page.

Additional Resources

 Feedback Resources Toolkit

- FAME Learning Modules

        Using Coaching to Give and Receive Feedback

        Written Assessment in Clinical Settings

        Clinical Presentations and Verbal Feedback

- TIME lectures 

         Using Coaching to Optimize Trainee Performance with Priya G. Jain, MD, MEd (Nov 2019) 

         Video-Based Peer Review: Opening the “Black Box” of Surgery with Jonah J. Stulberg, MD, PhD, MPH (April 2019)  

- 6 Common Pitfalls of Feedback Conversations – Janice Palaganas, PhD, APRN

- 7 Things to Remember About FeedbackEducational Leadership Volume 70, Issue 1

- Guidelines: The Do’s, Don’ts and Don’t Knows of Feedback for Clinical Education – Janet Lefroy, MRCGP, PhD

- Beyond “Read More”: An Intervention to Improve Faculty Written Feedback to Learners – Amy Zelenski, PhD

 Just in Time Teaching (JiTT)

Northwell Health’s Office of Academic Affairs announced that it has launched its Just in Time Teaching Tools (JiTT) Infographic App to aid in the advancement of medical education. The app is now available in the Apple Store and in Google Play.

JiTT infographics are adaptable to an array of clinical specialties and include foundational teaching principles in areas such as setting expectations, questioning techniques, feedback and coaching, and bedside teaching. Clinically specific teaching techniques include content pertaining to internal and family medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, surgery psychiatry and neurology. Sub-specialties are also included.

For more information, visit Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences website.

 Request Departmental Grand Rounds/Faculty Development Workshops

FAME offers sessions about facilitating feedback conversations in clinical environments and peer coaching in medical education. Request a Grand Round session on our site or email  

 Feedback Champions

Anesthesia – Luminita Tureanu, MD

Emergency Medicine – Erin Lareau, MD

Dermatology – Julia Mhlaba, MD

General Surgery – Samuel Kim, MD, FACS

Internal Medicine – Marion Stanley, MD

Neurology – Arjun Seth, MD

Pediatrics – Zarina Norton, MD

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation – Matthew Haas, MD

Psychiatry – Cara Angelotta, MD

Obstetrics and Gynecology – Erica O’Neill, MD

Orthopaedic Surgery – Lucas Buchler, MD

 Get Involved with Feedback

Are you interested in taking a more active role in feedback development? If you would like to serve as a Feedback Champion, provide a workshop or lecture on feedback, or have other ideas for how FAME can support the development of feedback at the Feinberg School of Medicine, contact

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