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Genetics and Computational Genomics

Genetics is one of the most fast-moving fields of biomedical research. Technological progress driven by the relatively new science of genomics, the study of the genomes of organisms, has led to rapid advances over the past few years. We now have the complete DNA sequence of many genomes and are able to decipher the mechanisms that regulate gene expression, configure chromatin architecture, recruit transcription factors and activate or silence individual loci or gene networks. Moreover, we can investigate the cross-talk between the genome and the epigenome, the modifications that alter gene expression but do not change the underlying DNA sequence. These dynamic processes are critical for normal development and differentiated function of distinct cell types in an organism; their failure results in a wide spectrum of human diseases. Northwestern University is home to a vibrant and interactive group of scientists carrying out world-class, state-of-the-art investigations into fundamental mechanisms of genetics, genomics and epigenomics.

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