Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Center for Translational Metabolism and Health



Rank; Department; University Affiliation

Research Interests

Ardehali, Hossen (MD, PhD)

Professor, Medicine-Cardiology & Pharmacology

Mitochondrial function in CVD; cardiomyopathy; cardiac myocyte function; heart failure

Carnethon, Mercedes (PhD)

Associate Professor, Preventive Medicine-Epidemiology

Epidemiology; biostatistics; CVD; diabetes, metabolism; nutrition; public health

Cella, David (PhD)

Professor, Medical Social Sciences, Neurology, Preventive Medicine-Health & Biomedical Informatics; Chair, Dept. of Medical Social Sciences; Director, Center for Patient-Centered Outcomes

Patient-centered outcomes research; comparative effectiveness; social determinants of health

French, Dustin (PhD)

Assistant Professor, Ophthalmology

Outcomes research; health economics; economic modeling of policy interventions

Greenland, Philip (MD)

Professor, Preventive Medicine-Epidemiology & Medicine-Cardiology; Director, Center for Population Health Sciences

Predictive modeling for CVD; novel circulating risk markers and imaging of CVD; CVD prevention

Isakova, Tamara (MD, MMSc)

Associate Professor, Medicine-Nephrology; Director, Center for Translational Metabolism and Health

Epidemiology, patient-oriented research and clinical trials of mineral metabolism and CVD in CKD

Lloyd-Jones, Donald (MD, ScM)

Professor, Preventive Medicine-Epidemiology & Medicine-Cardiology; Director, Northwestern University Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (NUCATS); Chair, Dept. of Preventive Medicine; Senior Associate Dean for Clinical and Translational Research

CVD epidemiology; risk estimation; lifetime risk for CVD; risk factor modification; prevention

McNally, Elizabeth (MD, PhD)

Professor, Medicine-Cardiology & Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics; Director, Center for Genetic Medicine

Mechanisms of inherited disorders of cardiac function; heart failure; genetics

Murphy, Robert (MD)

Professor, Medicine-Infectious Diseases & McCormick School of Engineering; Director, Center for Global Health

Infectious diseases; global health; clinical research; HIV/AIDS

Quaggin, Susan (MD)

Professor, Medicine-Cardiology; Chief, Division of Medicine-Nephrology; Director, Feinberg Cardiovascular Research Institute

Mechanisms of podocyte & endothelial function; glomerular disease; vascular biology; CKD

Shah, Sanjiv (MD)

Professor, Medicine-Cardiology

Echocardiography; novel methods to assess cardiovascular function 

Van Horn, Linda (RD,PhD)

Professor, Preventive Medicine

Diet; nutrition assessment, education; epidemiology & interventions; diet & CVD prevention 

Vaughn, Douglas (MD)

Professor, Medicine-Cardiology; Chair, Dept. of Medicine

Coagulation & fibrinolytic systems in normal aging, senescence & CVD

Yancy, Clyde (MD)

Professor, Medicine-Cardiology & Medical Social Sciences; Chief, Division of Medicine-Cardiology; Vice Dean for Diversity and Inclusion

Cardiomyopathy; heart failure; hypertension; prevention; disparities

Wolf, Myles (MD, MMSc)

Professor, Medicine-Nephrology

Role of FGF23 in CKD, its impact on CVD and the mechanisms for these relationships