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Faculty Research Catalzyer

The Primary Care Faculty Research Catalyzer is funded by the Feinberg School of Medicine’s Global Health Initiative, which is supported by Northwestern Medicine Primary & Specialty Care, its patients and Feinberg’s donors.

This peer-reviewed grant allows the Center for Primary Care Innovation top provide support to Feinberg faculty, residents and fellows who are conducting research into primary care in the areas of internal medicine, pediatrics and family medicine.

Two Primary Care Faculty Research Catalyzer grants were awarded in 2017:

  • Theresa Rowe, DO, assistant professor of Medicine in the Division of General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics, will focus her research on assessing the incidence and identifying risk factors for the overprescribing of medications and screening procedures to older adults by primary care providers. Rowe will complete her project under the mentorship of Stephen Persell and will assist in the development of a tool for physicians that can be incorporated into the electronic health record.
  • Postdoctoral fellow Emily Lattie, PhD, research assistant professor of Preventive Medicine, is studying the treatment of depression and anxiety through mobile and web-based technology. This technology offers the opportunity to fill a needs-gap in alternatives to pharmacologic treatments for mental health. The goal of her work is to develop a technology-enabled service for mental health based at Northwestern Medicine Physician Partners. She will conduct this work under the mentorship of David Mohr.

Each award has a maximum budget of $25,000. Visit the application page to learn more.

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