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Browse our archive to catch up on past Center for Primary Care Innovation webinars. Each entry is accompanied by a video recording.

02/14/18 - NCEAS Webinar - SDOH in GME

Answering the Call: Teaching Social Determinants of Health in Graduate Medical Education.

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02/14/18 NCEAS webinar recording SPHERE

06/20/18 Leveraging GIS Data

Leveraging Geospatial Data Resources to Teach Social Determinants of Health.

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06/20/18 NCEAS GIS webinar recording

09/26/18 NCEAS Webinar - SDOH in UME

Teaching and Learning about Social Medicine and Structural Competency in Undergraduate Medical Education

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09/26/18 NCEAS Webinar Recording

10/25/17 - NCEAS Webinar - ECMH

Educating students about chronic care and the social determinants of health: Diffusing a training model across departments, practices and town.

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10/25/17 NCEAS webinar recording ECMH
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