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Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Coronavirus/COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Task Force

Maximizing our research impact and minimizing intrusions on critical healthcare pathways.

Our Goal

Many Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine investigators have innovative ideas about studies related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our clinical colleagues at Northwestern Medicine hospitals are in the center of this storm, providing care to the community.

Feinberg has created the COVID-19 Task Force to provide a coordinating function and to:

  • Connect appropriate projects with clinical information and samples
  • Provide recommendations to the dean
  • Encourage people with similar ideas to work together

Our Focus

The task force will be cataloging all COVID-19–related research being performed by Feinberg faculty and staff. We are already collecting projects submitted to the Institutional Review Board, the Institutional Biosafety Committee and the Office of Sponsored Research. NUCATS is also offering a rapid feasibility and infrastructure alignment review to help investigators efficiently operationalize Feinberg and health system resources for COVID-19 research. The task force has identified three current focus areas:

  • Interventional studies
  • Data and analytics
  • Discovery, diagnostics and specimens

Connect with the COVID-19 Task Force

If you are starting or contemplating a project that has not been submitted to one of these units, please send a one-paragraph description by email to Rex L. Chisholm, PhD, and Abby Cosentino-Boehm, DrPH. Questions about this initiative may also be directed to Chisholm at 312-503-3209.

Task Force Members

Ackermann, Ronald T

Ronald T Ackermann

Professor of Medicine (General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics), Medical Social Sciences and Medicine (Endocrinology)

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Brat, Daniel J

Daniel J Brat

Professor of Pathology (Experimental Pathology) and Pathology (Neuropathology)

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Budinger, GR Scott

GR Scott Budinger

Professor of Medicine (Pulmonary and Critical Care) and Cell and Developmental Biology

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Carney, Megan

Megan Carney

Director, Office of Research, NMHC

Cosentino-Boehm, Abby

Abby Cosentino-Boehm

Director of Clinical Research Operations

Ison, Michael G

Michael G Ison

Professor of Medicine (Infectious Diseases) and Surgery (Organ Transplantation)

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Lloyd-Jones, Donald M

Donald M Lloyd-Jones

Professor of Preventive Medicine (Epidemiology), Medicine (Cardiology) and Pediatrics

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Platanias, Leonidas C

Leonidas C Platanias

Professor of Medicine (Hematology and Oncology) and Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics

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Singer, Benjamin D

Benjamin D Singer

Assistant Professor of Medicine (Pulmonary and Critical Care) and Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics

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