Coronavirus information for Feinberg.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Feinberg has compiled a list of frequently asked questions here that apply to the medical school. For a full list of FAQ about the Northwestern University response, including information on travel, academics and grading, health concerns and the Illinois stay-at-home order, visit the Northwestern COVID-19 website.

 How can members of the Feinberg community be tested for COVID-19?

Information about COVID-19 testing for Feinberg can be found here.

 How can members of the Feinberg community receive the COVID-19 vaccine?

 I am a Northwestern University employee or student. Can I walk in to a designated Northwestern Medicine location for a vaccine if I haven’t received an appointment confirmation?

No. All Northwestern Medicine patients must have an official appointment to receive the vaccine. Northwestern University employees cannot walk in for vaccines at Northwestern Medicine locations.

 What Feinberg departments and units have COVID-19 information and resources on the web?

 How can I designate myself or a member of my team as an essential worker?

Employees who are designated by their supervisors as essential workers can self-designate online using the Essential Position Designation and Notification Form. Once an employee fills out this form, their supervisor will be prompted to approve the designation.

Essential Employees may be required to report to work, either on-campus or virtually as applicable if either contacted by their supervisor or via University announcement of “Essential Employees Only” staffing through the Northwestern Emergency Notification System.


 What is Northwestern's current travel guidance?

Northwestern University's COVID-19 travel guidance can be found here.

 Has Feinberg implemented new cleaning procedures in light of COVID-19?

Yes. Feinberg’s updated cleaning procedures can be found here. These procedures are already in place and will continue for the duration of the pandemic.

 How can Feinberg employees report harassment or discrimination related to COVID-19?

All members of the Northwestern University community should be free from harassment and discrimination, and we intend to uphold our values. If any member of the community feels they have been treated unfairly because of their race, country of origin or where they have traveled, please reach out to the Office of Equity.

 Where can I find Feinberg-specific Zoom backgrounds?

Feinberg Zoom backgrounds can be found on Box.

Research FAQ

 Where can I find the latest Office for Research guidance?

The latest University-wide guidance for scientists and labs can be found on the Northwestern Office for Research's COVID-19 web site. Information changes regularly, so you are encouraged to check back regularly for the latest guidance.

 Where can I find the latest Feinberg guidance on conducting clinical trials?

Detailed information on conducting clinical research has been moved to the Feinberg COVID-19 homepage

 How do I share my COVID-19 research idea with the administration?

Investigators can work with the medical school’s COVID-19 task force. If you are starting or contemplating a project, please send a one-paragraph description by email to Rex L. Chisholm, PhD, and Abby Cosentino-Boehm, DrPh

Education FAQ

 When did Northwestern announce a COVID-19 vaccine requirement for students?

On May 12, 2021, the Office of the Provost communicated that students are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 for the 2021-22 academic year. Read more here.

 Where can I find COVID-19 information for current medical students?

Information for current medical students can be found in the COVID-19 MD Student Resources section of the MD Education site.

 Is there regular student testing for COVID-19 for the Fall?

COVID-19 testing information for Northwestern can be found here

 Is eating or drinking allowed in classrooms?

Eating is not allowed during classes. Drinking is permitted, but with a straw. Masks are still required.