Community Scholars Program

The Community Scholars Program

The primary aim of the Community Scholars Program (CSP) is to provide capacity-building support via educational workshops for public health organizations. Made possible by Northwestern University’s Division of Public Health Practice and Program in Public Health, the CSP workshops cover a range of public health topics and were identified by the Program in Public Health (PPH) community partners through needs assessment activities. 

Since the launch of the CSP, two workshops have been hosted every fall, winter, and spring quarter. They are offered to community organizations and institutions that provide public health services. Workshop participants gain knowledge, skills, and resources that nurture their professional development and help their organizations flourish.  

Special thanks to our community partners, former scholars, administrative staff and faculty for providing feedback and recommendations that informed program revisions.

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Scholar Testimonial

Anhny Beri,  Prgram Direcr, Healhy Fres f Texas

The Community Scholars Program has been a great way to understand core public health structures better, and to develop your understanding of what you already do. I've taken two courses, both of which have helped me dive deeper into public health and nurtured my love for the field."

Anthony Betori, Program Director, Healthy Futures of Texas

Prospective Participants

The Community Scholars Program will be hosting workshops for public health partners. The cost for each workshop is $25. More information to come in April 2022.

Access Requirements

Participants will need access to:

  • Internet
  • Microsoft Word and Google Suite
  • Desktop/laptop with video conferencing capabilities

Individuals that have access support needs or questions can contact Dawn Watkins.

Upcoming Workshops

Spring 2022

Beyond Armchair Epidemiology: Cultivating an Informed Understanding of the Principles of Epidemiology

By Lindsay Pool, PhD
Wednesdays: May 25, June 1, June 8, and June 15,
5:00-6:30 PM.

This workshop will provide a working knowledge of the key terms andconcepts in epidemiology, including articulating strengths and weaknesses of study design, identifying bias in the collection and analysis of data, and calculating basic measures of disease frequency and association.

Registration closes May 18, 2022. Cost: $25.

For accommodation requests, please contact Dawn Watkins, at ASAP, but no later than end of day Monday, May 16th. Every reasonable effort will be made to implement accommodations in an effective and timely manner.