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Letter Discusses Effect of ACA Reform on Diabetes Management in Low Income Patients

The letter, "Effect of the Affordable Care Act on diabetes care at major health centers: newly detected diabetes and diabetes medication management," was published recently and can be accessed free of charge via this link:

The letter discusses the effect of Affordable Care Act (ACA) reform on the improvement of diabetes diagnostics and management in low-income patients. The study was conducted based on the varied EHR settings in medical academic centers across Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, Texas, and Indiana.

The supplementary materials contain the most complete up-to-date list of generic and brand names medications for diabetes management as well as multiple ways to reliably extract those from the EHR. To identify such medications, the reader is given an option to choose from RXNORM CUI, NDC codes, or regular expressions.

Al'ona Furmanchuck, CHIP Research Assistant Professor of Medicine, and Abel Kho, CHIP Director, were among the authors of the paper.

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