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Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Center for Food Allergy & Asthma Research
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Video Library

Food Allergy Videos

Goal: For all schools, teachers, and parents to utilize these grade-specific professional videos to educate all students about food allergies.

These videos were created to help peers better understand and support their classmates with food allergy. These short and informative videos can be utilized in the classroom and have associated FAQ sheets, discussion questions, and teacher guides to facilitate open dialogue in school!

These videos are available in USB form that can be mailed to schools and teachers for free. If you are interested in using these in your school, please email for more details.

Student-Produced Asthma Videos

Goal: These videos were created by students in SOAAR’s START, SMART, SMHRT, AND CRM programs to improve asthma awareness in the students’ schools and communities and empower students to be their own health advocates.

Through these programs, the students became the researchers and went out into the community to understand the factors that can positively and negatively impact their asthma. They then worked with our team to create these PSAs to share with their classmates and community to spread awareness and education.

Our team has also built a curriculum based on these programs that can be used in schools to help students learn about a variety of other health conditions. If you are interested in ordering this free SHMRT curriculum for your school, please email for more details.

Food Allergy Management Video

This video was made at the Midwest FACES 2018 Conference in Chicago, IL. This video shows the many faces of children with food allergies, their dreams, personalities, and wishes. Thank you to all the amazing kids who participated!

I Will Thrive

A fun, disco-themed video to help educate doctors, patients, and families about the 5 key steps of clinical food allergy diagnosis and treatment. Remember: It takes FIVE to THRIVE!

Early Childhood and Food Allergies- Parent Video English

Parents:  A “PARENT to PARENT” video (approximately 2 minutes in duration) for ALL parents of children under age 6, with and without food allergies.  A friendly way to start the food allergy conversation with family and friends at home or school.  Food allergy policies and rules impact ALL parents and children.  There is a Spanish version which utilizes the closed caption feature as well.
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