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Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Center for Food Allergy & Asthma Research
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Summer Internship Program

Every summer, we invite up to fifteen high school, undergraduate, graduate and medical students to participate in the CFAAR Summer Scholars Program. This 8-week program allows students to strengthen their skills in epidemiological, clinical, and community-based food allergy and asthma research. Students receive hands-on research experience including but not limited to: shadowing recruitment and study enrollments for our studies, strengthening their skills in conducting literature reviews, interpreting data and writing scientific manuscripts, practicing public speaking, and assisting with survey development and dissemination. In addition, students also attend weekly didactic sessions to learn from our team members on various research and medicine topics.   

Learn more about the application process and program below! 

Application Process:

Applications for the summer 2021 program are now open. Click here to apply!  

We will start reviewing applications in February 2021 and email you updates on your application status once it has been reviewed. Admissions offers will be provided via rolling admissions February – March 2021. The application will close on March 1st. The program will take place from June-August 2021 and will last approximately 8 weeks. Program goals and overview can be found below. 

Please email with any questions about the application process. 


Prospective interns must have the following qualifications:

  • Enthusiasm for research and intellectual curiosity
  • Ability to connect with our team via zoom and participate fully within an online environment
  • Ability to attend a 1-2 day research boot camp at the beginning of the summer and all 8 weeks of programming

Preferred but not required: 

  • Experience with social media design or content curation
  • Website, graphic design, or video editing skills
  • Experience recruiting participants for a study
  • Experience with data analysis and/or biostatistical coursework
  • Familiarity with Excel
  • Scientific writing skills

Summer Scholars Program Goals:

  1. Critical Appraisal of Research
  2. Telling the Research Story
  3. Completing a Final Project Presentation

CFAAR Summer Scholars Program Overview:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Research, Medicine, and Public Health
  • Introduction to Food Allergy Epidemiology, Management, and Health equity
  • Module 2: Introduction to Research Methods and Literature Reviews
  • Food Allergy Quality of life and management
  • Module 3: Quantitative Methods
  • Module 4: Rethinking Medicine: Vulnerable Populations
  • Module 5:  Implicit Bias
  • Module 6: The Social Context of Illness: Family Systems Theory
  • Module 7: Structural Competency and Social Determinants of Health

Accounts from 2020 Scholars:

“This internship applies to directly to my desired future career in medicine. It helped me gain exposure to research in a hands-on manner. Additionally, I now understand the basis for writing manuscripts, including collecting and analyzing data. Overall, I'm sure I will use the analytical skills I developed in this internship frequently in my academic and professional futures. 10/10 experience.” – Pranav Bajaj 2020

"My role was to create data abstractions for papers examining allergy prevalence, so I've spent a lot of time reading papers on allergy prevalence, particularly the methods, and recording data on prevalence and allergy definitions, as well as compiling relevant figures from the papers. This has been a very positive experience, as I have been able to read more about the types of studies done on health disparities while also becoming more efficient at assessing scientific literature." – Ben Grobman 2020

"This internship further solidified my interest in pursuing a career in medicine and also how a grounding goal for my life will remain to improve the quality of life for those with chronic illness - including food allergy and asthma! I was very impressed with the online experience; overall, it was very smooth especially compared to e-learning at my school. I absolutely loved the internship experience and beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to participate this summer! I learned so much for the entire team and Dr. Gupta and am excited to continue to stay involved."- Julia Auerback 2020


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