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CFAAR Ambassadors Program

The CFAAR Ambassadors Program is a week-long experience that provides high school students with an in-depth introduction to food allergy research, advocacy, and communicating science to the public. 

CFAAR Ambassadors will work directly with CFAAR faculty and research staff to learn and integrate skills that will challenge students to critically evaluate scientific manuscripts, interpret outcomes and data, and develop infographics to share with their greater communities. Students will have the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions with members of the CFAAR team and other participants from around the country that have interests in exploring health-related fields.  

CFAAR Ambassadors Program Week at a Glance  

  • Monday (July 18th):  
    • Welcome to CFAAR!  
    • Food Allergy Research 101: Introduction into food allergy research 
  • Tuesday (July 19th): 
    • Food Allergy Research 101 (cont’d) 
    • Food Allergy movie watch party  
    • Discussion groups  
  • Wednesday (July 20th): 
    • Introduction to data visualization 
    • Design individual research infographics 
  • Thursday (July 21st): 
    • Design group research infographics 
    • Expert online coaching sessions 
  • Friday (July 22nd) 
    • Research Communication: Communicate infographics to the public 
    • Expert in-person or online coaching sessions (cont’d) 
    • In-person/Zoom group presentations   


  • Currently enrolled in high school – completed 9th grade through the summer after 12th grade 
  • Enthusiasm for research and exhibits intellectual curiosity 
  • Ability to connect with our team via zoom and participate fully within a synchronous online environment  

Program Dates 

  • Monday July 18th - Friday July 22nd, 2022 
  • Online versus In-Person: The program will be a hybrid of online connection with the opportunity to meet in-person on Friday July 22nd should you live in the Chicago area.  All COVID-related updates will be communicated to participants and remain consistent with the CDC guidelines as needed.   

If you have any questions about the Ambassadors program, please email: 

Accounts from the 2021 Ambassadors 

My favorite part was the group projects because it was nice to get an opportunity to apply what we actually learned, it was creatively fulfilling, and...nice to meet new people.”

– Ambassador 2021

I truly enjoyed getting to meet other 45 other high school students, the mentors, and being able to work collaboratively. It was an insightful experience to hear the vast perspective of others I won't forget."

– Ambassador 2021

I...gained insight as to the different kinds of research, how to conduct research, and the vast impact a study can have on a community."

– Ambassador 2021

I enjoyed exploring & learning about research, specifically how it relates to public health. 
I loved the guest speakers and all the research we read about"

– Ambassador 2021

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