Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Center for Education in Health Sciences

Health Sciences Integrated PhD Program Admissions

The admissions process for the HSIP has three main steps:

  1. Complete the Northwestern University Graduate School online application 
  2. Ensure the required supplemental information is submitted 
  3. Interview upon invitation

The application for Fall 2018 (Summer 2018 - HQPS) is now closed. The application for Fall 2019 (Summer 2019 - HQPS) will open in September. Our submission deadline is December 1st. 

All supporting documents should be submitted in PDF (digital) format with the application. Please scan hard copies and convert other files to PDF. If an applicant finds this submission format is not feasible, he or she may contact the program to request alternative arrangements.  

1. Complete the Northwestern University Graduate School online application

The online application is accessed via the TGS admissions portal. Where requested on the form, applicants should indicate the application is for the Health Sciences Integrated PhD Program (program code H01PH). The application fee is $95, which must be paid by credit card.

**IMPORTANT**  If you plan to apply for the Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety Track, you must indicate that you are applying for Summer quarter on your online application. Coursework for this track begins in July.

The online application includes the following sections:

2. Ensure the required supplementary information is submitted

Following the submission of the online application form, several outstanding items may remain. Applicants can view the status of these items using the application tracking page made available upon application submission. Other required information includes:

3. Interview

The program will initiate interviews for candidates who are being strongly considered for admission or for candidates for whom additional information is needed during the last two weeks of January. An applicant cannot request an interview. The program will contact the applicant to arrange an interview. 

Admission offers will be on a rolling basis throughout February and March with final notification to all applicants by March 15th. Once applicants are recommended for admission and decide to enroll, they will be required to mail one official copy of each transcript to The Graduate School Admission Office. All transcripts should be sent in sealed, unopened envelopes, directly from the issuing institution.


How we evaluate applicants

The Health Sciences Integrated Program evaluates applicants for admission based on the entire application package. Our goal is to identify and offer admission to those individuals with potential for success in graduate school and beyond. To this end, we carefully examine each applicant's academic achievement and research experiences.

The evaluation necessarily begins with numerical qualifications such as undergraduate and Masters GPAs, GRE scores, and TOEFL scores for foreign students. Although there are no minimum scores required, entering classes typically have an average GPA of 3.5 (ranging from 3.0 to 4.0), and average GRE scores of 75% Verbal and 75% Quantitative. In addition to the cumulative GPA, the admissions committee looks most closely for success in previous coursework.

Beyond these numerical scores, our admissions committee places great emphasis on quality research experience, strong letters of support from research and/or academic mentors and colleagues, and a personal statement that indicates an appreciation of the research enterprise and a dedication to graduate training. Successful applicants are able to communicate a clear understanding of their own research experiences both in writing (personal statement included with application) and orally (during interviews).