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Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Center for Education in Health Sciences
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Healthcare Quality & Patient Safety

This track focuses on the knowledge, skills and methods required for improving healthcare delivery systems in regard to quality and safety. The topics covered include: healthcare quality context and measurement, changing systems of care delivery, healthcare disparities, accountability and public policy, safety interventions and practices, health information technology, simulation and the science of teamwork, human factors, risk assessment methods and leadership and governance.



 Required Courses

  • HSIP 400 Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Doctoral Colloquium
  • HQS 401 Introduction to Healthcare Quality
  • HQS 402 Introduction to Patient Safety
  • HQS 420 Introduction to Health Management
  • HQS 440 Fundamental Methods in Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety
  • HQS 501 Advanced Healthcare Quality
  • HQS 502 Advanced Patient Safety
  • HQS 510 The Business of Quality and Safety Improvement
  • HSIP 401 Introduction to Health Measurement Science
  • PUB_HLTH 445 Writing and Peer Reviewing for Publication
  • BIOSTAT 302 Introduction to Biostatistics**
  • BIOSTAT 402 Intermediate Biostatistics**

 Choose One Required Research Design Course

  • BIOSTAT 301 Introduction to Epidemiology
  • HSR 425 Introduction to Quantitative Methods in HSOR


Choose two or more classes from the following options.

  • HSR 433 Health Economics and Healthcare Financing
  • HSR 456 Applied Qualitative Methods and Analysis for Health Researchers
  • HSR 470 Federal Policy Making and Health Care Reform
  • MGMT 444 Health Economics
  • MGMT 945 Healthcare Strategy
  • MHB 401 Foundations of Bioethics
  • MHB 402 Medicine and Law
  • MHB 403 The History of Medicine
  • MORS 430 Leadership in Organizations
  • MORS 452 Leading the Strategic Change Process
  • MORS 460 Leading and Managing Teams
  • PUB_HLTH 301 Behavior, Society, and Health
  • PUB_HLTH 415 Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
  • PUB_HLTH 431 Decision Analysis and Models of Decision Making
  • PUB_HLTH 438 Survey Design and Methodology
  • PUB_HLTH 439 Qualitative Research Methods
  • PUB_HLTH 444 Medical Cost Effectiveness
  • PUB_HLTH 449 Public Health Policy
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