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Functional Areas

The Basic Science Administration is composed of five functional areas. Find staff information specific to each functional area via the links below.

  • Communications and Outreach

    Facilitates communication with internal and external audience groups, promotes departmental and center seminars and outreach events, manages Basic Science websites and listservs, serves as liaison to the Feinberg School of Medicine Office of Communications.

  • Facilities

    Administers facilities requests, lab renovations, lab services (glass washing and autoclave sterilization), space reporting and specialized equipment support.

  • Financial Administration

    Oversees and manages procurement, expense reports, budget preparation, financial management and financial reporting and projections.

  • Professional Affairs

    Oversees chair administrative support, departmental seminars, employee relations, faculty affairs, graduate student administration, human resources, payroll, recharge center finances and visa applications.

  • Research Administration

    Manages pre- and post-award administration including approvals of procurement and expense reports, proposal development, award setup and management, budget preparation, compliance, effort reporting, financial management and financial reporting and projections.

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