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The Skull Base Lab at Northwestern University

Surgical approaches to the skull base require a deep understanding of neuroanatomy. Here at the Skull Base Lab in downtown Chicago, we give residents, fellows, and practicing surgeons an opportunity to work with highly trained faculty using state-of-the-art technologies and hands-on dissection.

Anatomy is the foundation of our practice, and by incorporating 3D visualizations, virtual reality, and cadaveric dissections into the lab, we’re able to fully illustrate the complexities of the human brain in a way that further cements surgeons’ and residents’ visuospatial knowledge. The Skull Base Lab emphasizes a comprehensive and translational approach using real surgical techniques that better equip trainees with the skills they need in the OR.

We offer year-round labs for residents as well as an annual Comprehensive Skull Base Program, and workshops at various points throughout the year. Additionally, our facilities are available to rent for outside ENT, Skull Base, or other Head & Neck programs. For inquiries, contact


James Chandler, MD


  • Michael Walsh, MD
  • Osaama Khan, MD
  • David Conley, MD
  • Alan Micco, MD
  • Matthew Tate, MD
  • Adam Sonabend, MD
  • Matthew Potts, MD
  • Babak Jahromi, MD