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Invite Us to Speak

Our team of brain tumor researchers and clinicians have given hundreds of talks at events across the United States and around world. We’d love to talk with you about speaking at yours.

Our expertise

The breadth of our expertise means that we have team members who can speak with authority about virtually any brain tumor–related topic, including the following:

  • Surgery for brain and spinal tumors
  • Imaging of tumors for determination of location and recurrence
  • Standard and experimental treatments for brain and spinal tumors
  • Quality of life for brain and spinal tumor patients
  • Translating laboratory discoveries to clinical trials
  • Obtaining authorization to use a new therapeutic in patients

Contact us

We’re happy to speak at events for researchers, clinicians, students or patients.

Whether you’re looking for a specific member of our team or someone to address a given topic, contact Mary Smessaert at with your request. She’ll respond within three business days.