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Preparation for Collaboration: Maximizing Statistical Interaction

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Ready for Collaboration: How the BCC Works

Every investigator is provided a free initial consultation of up to 2 hours with BCC faculty or staff. If the investigator wishes to utilize services beyond the initial consultation, the investigator can choose from the following service models:

Grant Support Model: The goal for providing grant support at no cost is to cultivate a collaborative environment that will lead to successful grant applications. For grant applications that BCC faculty and staff help prepare and write, it is expected that the principal investigator will invite the BCC faculty to be the lead biostatistician or co-Investigator, and that the BCC statistical analysts are included for % effort as appropriate. BCC involvement from the initial steps of the application helps ensure that study design, data analysis, and power analysis are appropriate and optimal, and increases the chances that the grant will be funded.

Subscription Model: Departments or investigators that require some biostatistics support may “subscribe” to a portion of a BCC faculty or staff time. Those requesting this model must fund a portion of % effort for at least 3 months.

Recharge/Fee-for-Service Model (Hourly Rate): Rates are $125/hr for a Master's level analyst and $150/hr for a faculty member. Once the scope of work has been agreed upon by the investigator and the BCC, the investigator will be billed on an hourly basis until the completion of the project. These rates are for internal clients, including Northwestern departments, centers, affiliates, and Northwestern appointees. Please add an additional $100 per hour for non-NU clients. For internal clients (Northwestern University departments), a chart string is required for payment via an internal sales journal (ISJ). With an ISJ, funds (payment) are transferred from your department account to the BCC’s account. For external clients or non-university departments, invoices will be sent electronically (or by mail, if preferred). Checks should be made payable to Northwestern University.

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