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Dunbar Laboratory for Research on Memory and Fear

The Dunbar Laboratory for Research on Memory and Fear studies the molecular and cellular mechanisms by which memories of stressful events contribute to anxiety- and depression-like behavior. Specifically, our interest lies in neuronal receptors, signal transduction pathways and gene responses mediating:

  1. Formation and extinction of aversive memory

  2. Delayed enhancement of fear memory in the aftermath of stressful experiences

  3. Social modeling of fear

  4. The relationship between aversive memories and depression

We employ molecular biological, biochemical and histological techniques to establish the cells, molecules and brain areas relevant for these processes. Pre-clinical studies with pharmacological and/or genetic mouse models are employed to establish the roles of candidate molecules in fear, anxiety and depression-like behavior. Our long-term goal is to elucidate the key brain mechanisms linking cognitive and emotional processes and identify novel targets for treatment of anxiety and depression.

Our Facilities

Behavioral facilities equipped with: a stereotactic apparatus (Kopf Instruments), MCA microdialysis systems are for adjustable microinjection of drugs; TSE VideoMot2 activity measuring system and apparatuses used for elevated-plus maze, novelty-suppressed feeding, dark-light emergence, and open field forced tests; Two TSE fear conditioning systems for mice are for fear conditioning to context or cues.

Facilities for microscopy equipped with: confocal microscope (Olympus), microtome (Leica 3500S), fluorescent and light microscope (Leica), fluorescent Nikon inverted microscope.

Our Success


Awards of Field Study Leadership Positions

Jelena Radulovic, MD, PhD, Dunbar Professor of Bipolar Disease, has received several honors and leadership positions throughout her career, including:

Grants and Funding

Lab Staff

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Vladimir Jovasevic PhD, Postdoc
Kevin Corcoran, PhD, Postdoc

PhD Students

Yomayra Guzman (NUIN, Climb fellow)
Katherine Leaderbrand (NUIN)

Undergraduate Students

Helen Chen
Jinha Kim
Lori Kim

Research Assistant

Anita Guedea, MS

Contact Us

Contact Jelena Radulovic, MD, PhD, Dunbar Professor of Bipolar Disease, for more information about the Dunbar Laboratory for Research on Memory and Fear.

Jelena Radulovic

Lab Alumni

Natalie Tronson, PhD
Can Gao, PhD
Cristina Schrick, Bs