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MS-IV Elective in Clinical Anesthesiology

The Department of Anesthesiology at Northwestern University is pleased to offer you four senior medical student electives:

A brief description of the Preceptorship in Clinical Anesthesiology is given below. For questions regarding eligibility and requirements of visiting medical students, please click here.

Preceptorship in Clinical Anesthesiology

This comprehensive, 4-week elective is offered to all fourth year medical students who have completed their core requirements, and for select third year medical students in the Feinberg School of Medicine who have completed their internal medicine and surgery clerkships. Completion of the third year, 2-week anesthesiology elective is encouraged but not required.

Students are expected to arrive daily at 6:00am to participate in our daily didactic lectures or resident simulator sessions. For three weeks students will be assigned to patients in the operating rooms of either of Feinberg, Lavin, or Prentice Pavilions, and are expected to stay until cases are competed, approximately 5:00pm. Weekday or overnight calls may be given at the discretion of the course director, with strict adherence to ACGME Duty Hours. Although there are fewer resident-only conferences in May and August, students will have more opportunities to do procedures because new residents start in June and July. Students will attend all of the following didactic series during their respective elective month:

Didactic Series

Tuesday CA-1 Conference (weekly, September-February)
Wednesday CA-2/3 Conference (weekly, September-April)
Thursday CA-1 - CA-3 Simulation Conference (weekly, September-April)
Friday Grand Rounds (weekly, all 12 months)
New resident conference (daily, June-July)

Subspecialty Week

For an entire week students will have an opportunity to gain exposure to many of the subspecialty fields, including obstetrics, pediatrics, critical care medicine, and pain medicine. Independent reading from Miller’s Basics of Anesthesia (made available to each student) will be assigned throughout the course, culminating in an end-of-rotation exam that, along with formal evaluations, will determine the student’s final grade. According to FSM policy, students are not able to earn a high pass grade for an elective rotation, so FSM students can only only earn a pass, fail, or honors grade.

For goals and objectives, along with detailed course descriptions of the additional senior electives, please refer to the elective description on the M4 Senior Elective Catalog.

Yogen Asher, MD

Yogen Asher, MD
Director, Preceptorship in Clinical Anesthesia

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