Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Department of Anesthesiology

MS-III Elective in Clinical Anesthesiology

The Department of Anesthesiology welcomes Feinberg students to an exciting and hands-on elective.  This 2-week elective is an introduction to the field of anesthesiology.  Students will develop a knowledge base of the science of anesthesiology, technical skills, and passionate care delivery.  The hands-on experience will be complemented by lectures dedicated to the medical students as well as lectures for all trainees.

A typical day on the elective may start the night before with a page and phone conversation with a resident preceptor.  The student will meet the resident in the morning to prepare the operating room for the day’s cases.  The first patient is then seen and examined and brought to the OR for induction of anesthesia.  The student is expected to participate in all aspects of the patient’s care including the pre-operative assessment, monitor placement, airway management, intravenous catheter placement, anesthetic and emergence plan, and post-operative care and pain management.

The resident and attending physicians will provide informal teaching throughout the day.  When the resident goes on a break, the student should stay for one-on-one teaching with the attending.  Topics of teaching will vary depending on the case or specialty.  They may include anatomy, pharmacology, physiology, anesthetic techniques, resuscitation, and much more.

Goals of the Anesthesiology Rotation

Geeta Nagpal, MD

Cassidy Schwab, MD
Director, 3rd Year Elective in Clinical Anesthesiology