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Three randomized controlled trials have demonstrated the efficacy of Mothers and Babies when implemented in a group format (Le et al., 2011; Munoz et al., 2007; Tandon et al., 2011). Based on the success of Mothers and Babies, there has been considerable interest from home visitation programs regionally and nationally in implementing the Mothers and Babies Course.

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Current Research Projects

Determining the Effectiveness of the Mothers and Babies One-on-one Intervention Compared to Usual Care Home Visiting Program Services

Because so many pregnant women are seen by Home Visiting programs, there is a great opportunity to address postpartum depression by working with them. Study investigators have previously tested a group-based version of the Mothers and Babies (MB) Course – a cognitive-behavioral intervention aimed at preventing the onset and worsening of depressive symptoms among women enrolled in HV programs. Recently, study investigators have translated that content of the MB Course into a "1-on-1" version, consisting of 15 sessions of approximately 15-20 minutes in length.

The long-term goal of this study is to provide HV programs with an easy-to-implement intervention that is effective in preventing the onset of major depression and worsening of depressive symptoms among low-income women enrolled in HV programs.

Short-term objectives of this study are to determine:

  1. Acceptability of the MB 1-on-1 Course
  2. Feasibility of implementing the MB 1-on-1 Course
  3. The effect of the MB 1-on-1 Course on maternal mental health and quality of life outcomes

Recent Publications

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