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Center for Community Health

Director's Message

Welcome to the website for the Center for Community Health (CCH), part of the Institute for Public Health and Medicine (IPHAM) at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. Within this site you learn how CCH, a center within the Institute for Public Health and Medicine, offers a bold new vision for engagement that will enable Feinberg to emerge rapidly as a national epicenter for research that improves the health and healthcare of Chicago and beyond.

Traditional research approaches often fail to address health on the community level, which can, unfortunately, lead to research that doesn’t address community priorities, language barriers, access disparities, or many other factors that can impact health outcomes. Our center looks to take research out of the academic setting, and into the communities it seeks to benefit.


At the heart of our vision are the partnerships that we support. The work these partners do seeks to address prioritized issues with realistic, focused solutions, leading to measurable improvements to health. By helping these experts – whether that expertise be in public policy, community building and organization, healthcare, or medical and social science research – work together and connect to the resources necessary to do their work, CCH can contribute to making communities stronger, healthier, and better educated about health.


Our long-range vision is to make meaningful improvements in population health by building the university’s community-engaged research enterprise; championing the effectiveness of and developing policies that support this type of research; and supporting partners at every stage of work. We are excited to be in the process of developing more effective and efficient methods to research and improve health.

Thank you for visiting our site to find out about the work we do. I hope you find it informative and that we are able to collaborate in the future. Please contact us with your questions and comments.


Namratha Kandula, MD, MPH and Darius Tandon, PhD  

Center for Community Health Co-Directors