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Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine



ChemCore is the core facility within the Center for Molecular Innovation and Drug Discovery (CMIDD) that offers specialized drug discovery expertise to investigators internally and externally on a fee for service basis. Our researchers investigate interactions between small molecules and biological systems by providing cheminformatics and molecular modeling services, and medicinal and synthetic chemistry expertise to accelerate your drug discovery and chemical biology research.

Services Offered

  • Medicinal Chemistry
    • Hit-to-lead medicinal chemistry and library synthesis for hit compound follow-up
    • Design and synthesis of targeted analogs with improved potency, PK, and IP properties
    • Synthesis of small numbers of hypothesis-driven compounds
    • Design and synthesis of PROTACS for targeted protein degradation
  • Synthetic Chemistry
    • Synthesis of probe, tool, and reference compounds
    • Preparation of biotinylated and fluorescently labeled molecules
  • Cheminformatics, Molecular Modeling, Screening, and Visualization Resources
    • High throughput virtual screening of diverse libraries for novel therapeutic targets
    • Structure-based pharmacophore design, 3D-4D and higher order
    • QSAR model building
    • Scaffold hopping and de novo design
    • Construction of protein homology models and 3-D analysis
    • High level quantum mechanical computations of small molecules
    • State-of-the-art software from Schrödinger, Tripos and Accelrys with parallel processing, LINUX-based workstations
  • Working with ChemCore: Fee-for-service or Collaborative Research
    • Our Fee-for-Service model was created for researchers who need access to our specific skill-set to complete a defined project task. Services include medicinal and synthetic chemistry, molecular modeling, and experimental design and results consultation. Fee-for-service billing is submitted through NUCore, Northwestern’s centralized ordering system for core facilities. The cost study approved rates for our fee-for-service model are listed on ChemCore’s Fees page.
    • Collaborative Research is ideal for large and long-term projects typically funded by sponsored research grants. In this model, ChemCore works closely with scientists to develop a comprehensive project plan and coordinate its execution. The collaborating scientist provides an appropriate level of salary and supplies for ChemCore personnel, giving your project dedicated ChemCore research time.


All manuscripts and grants presenting work supported by ChemCore should include the following acknowledgment:

"This work was supported by Northwestern University’s ChemCore and the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center (NCI CCSG P30CA060553)."


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Contacts & Locations


Chemistry: Gary Schiltz, PhD  
Lurie 8127, 312-503-5322
Silverman 3557, 847-467-2287

Cheminformatics: Rama Mishra, PhD  
Tarry 12-715, 312-503-3833
Silverman B537, 847-491-5335