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Clinical Research Coordinator Certification Exam Scholarship

Each year, ACCR selects and sponsors one qualified clinical research coordinator from the Northwestern Medicine clinical research community to sit for the Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) certification exam. Recipients of the scholarship must pass the CRC exam to receive reimbursement for the exam fee. Recipients who pass the CRC exam also receive funding for a one-year membership to ACRP. Applications for this scholarship are accepted each fall for the following spring's exam.


ACRP certification is the formal recognition of clinical research professionals who have met the professional eligibility requirements and demonstrated a basic level of job-related knowledge and skills. Certification is granted in recognition of documented and verified work experience and successful completion of a multiple-choice exam. Those qualified candidates who pass the CRC exam are granted the title of Certified Clinical Research Coordinator (CCRC) by the ACRP.

Visit the ACRP website for more information.

Qualifications to Sit for the Exam

A CRC, regardless of job title, works at a clinical research site under the immediate direction of a principal investigator, whose research activities are conducted under ICH Good Clinical Practice guidelines. CRCs and other professionals (e.g., research nurses, trial nurses, site coordinators) perform tasks such as:

  • Document adverse events
  • Prepare or review documents submitted to the IRB
  • Protocol review or study procedures planning
  • Participate in conducting subject visits
  • Maintain source documents
  • Prepare for and participate in study visits with monitor, sponsor, auditors, etc.
  • Participate in consent process

To be eligible for the CRC exam, a candidate must fulfill one of the following combinations of education and working experience as a CRC:

Education Working Experience as a CRC*
Option 1

Assoc./bachelor's degree or RN

At least 3,000 hours performing the essential duties of a CRC

Option 2

Other (e.g., LPN, LVN, Medical Assistant, Lab Technician, H.S. diploma)

At least 4,500 hours performing the essential duties of a CRC

*Note: Up to 1,500 hours may be substituted by the completion of an accepted education program.

How to Apply

Download instructions on applying for the scholarship.

In order to be considered for this sponsorship, you must provide the following information by the deadline (Nov. 10) each year:

  1. Complete the ACCR form.
  2. Submit a copy of your current resume or CV. Be sure to outline your experience in clinical research.
  3. Provide a letter of support from your immediate supervisor or PI.
  4. Submit a one-page personal essay. Explain why you want to take the exam, describe how being certified can help you in your current position at Northwestern Medicine clinical research community and outline your future career goals.

The complete application package must be submitted by the designated deadline for the applicable year to

ACCR reviews all applications received by the deadline each fall and announces the recipient of the scholarship in December. The recipient receives the scholarship (reimbursement of exam fee and a one-year ACRP membership) only if they pass the CRC exam for which the scholarship was offered.

Past Recipients

  • 2017: Allison Rogowski
  • 2014: Elizabeth Rangel
  • 2013: Kristine Lipowski
  • 2012: Susan Fore-Kosterski
  • 2011: Holly DeMark
  • 2009: Jillian Bateman
  • 2008: Helen Donnelly, Katie Small