Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
MD Education



  • Project Change Proposal Form
    Use this form to request a formal project change for your AOSC project. You should email the completed form to Lisa Rawlani. All project changes must be approved by the AOSC Committee, which meets every one to two months. Lisa will notify you of your approval or if you need make to any changes to the proposal before it can be approved.
  • Stats Proposal Form
    Each student can receive statistical support for their AOSC project. You can be approved for up to four hours total during your four years in increments of two hours for each request. Please send this completed form to Lisa Rawlani. Stats support must be approved by Dr. Green. Lisa will email you when it has been approved to provide further instruction.


  • AOSC Thesis Outline
    The outline is due in July between your M3 and M4 year. The completed outline should be submitted to Canvas by the due date indicated.


  • AOSC Exemption
    If you are requesting to be exempt from the AOSC thesis during your M4 year due to academic issues, you should meet with Dean Sanguino. From there, complete this form and email it to Lisa Rawlani. The AOSC Committee will meet to discuss if you are approved for exemption.
  • AOSC Thesis Submission Form
    This form must be signed by your AOSC mentor and posted to Canvas along with your AOSC thesis.